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All incoming and outgoing files are systematically scanned with Avira anti-virus software, a leading professional anti-virus solution. Avira updates automatically every day and allows optimal anti-virus protection.

Fancy emails, usually produced in Rich Text format or HTML, include code that may hide any kind of virus or malicious program. Plain text is therefore favoured as a simple but efficient preventive measure, although messages may look "drier". Attached files should still be checked separatly for viruses.

You are also offered the option of exchanging emails and documents with electronic signature and high-level encryption with either PGP or S/MIME, the leading solutions in secure messaging. Some software such as Adobe Acrobat include similar capabilities. I will readily make use of electronic signature and encryption upon your request in order to ensure your security.

My emails are normally S/MIME-signed ( S/MIME certificate- icon in MS-Outlook) with a Thawte certificate. This allows you to perform an identity check and insure the message has not been tampered with. Just click on the icon to check the sender's identity.

Click here if you want to now more about signing and encrypting.

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