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Translation rates

I now offer a 10% discount to non-EU customers, because of the current strength of the Euro (discounted rates appear in red in the table below).

 Rates for translations to French per 1,000 words in target language

Source language
EUR 100 110 110 95
GBP 70 77 77 66
USD 129 142 142 122
JPY 14700 16200 16200 13900
CNY 963 1060 1060 914
HKD 997 1100 1100 948
CAD 124 137 137 118
AUD 142 156 156 135
NZD 169 186 186 161
ZAR 847 932 932 805

Rates provided in non-Euro currencies are calculated with official exchange rates as of October 26, 2007. Please consider current exchange rates, using for instance

A minimal rate of € 30 (thirty euros) applies.

The reference rates (in bold) are in euros and per 1,000 words, based on the translated output text. Spanish Value Added Tax (VAT) is not included and entails a 16% surcharge. VAT does not apply for export to non-EU countries.

Quotations in non-EU currencies use exchange rates as available on the day of quotation. Quoted prices will be maintained for the corresponding project during a minimal period of sixty (60) days. My translation rates are as published on this Internet page and may be subject to change without notice.
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